Payment terms:100% T/T
    Delivery time:After received the payment within 2 weeks working days


21.5" High Resolution LED Color Monitor
13.3" High Resolution Touch Screen
Height Adjustable and Rotatable Operation Panel
Extended Keyboard
Five Transducer Connectors (Four Active + One Parking)
One Pencil Transducer Connector
Wifi Module
Hard Disk 500G


21.5"Medical high resolution monitor
Resolution: 1920*1080
Viewing angle: 178°(horizontal), 178°(vertical)
Swivel angle: ±45°
Up/down angle: -90° to 25°

Touch Screen: 13.3inch  Medical high resolution screen,Resolution: 1920×1080 
 Viewing angle: 160° (horizontal), 160° (vertical) 

Monitor Arm: Fixed lower arm relative to holder 
Left and right rotatable relative to the upper arm (rotation angle: ±112°);
upper arm is adjustable towards up and down (height difference: 0 - 100 mm) 

Control Panel:
User-oriented design 
Backlight design: panel buttons 
Multiple defined-keys 
TGC: 8 segment sliders  
Trackball sensitivity: adjustable 

Size and Weight 
Width: approx. 751 mm 
Depth: approx. 526 mm (max. depth of monitor) 
Height: 1110 mm ±15 mm, lowest (lower arm and monitor in their lowest position);  1680 mm ±15 mm, highest (upper arm and monitor in their highest position) 
Weight: approx. 64 kg (including the battery) 

Function and Configuration 
μ-Scan (2D Speckle Reduction Technology)
B (2B & 4B) Mode 
Color Doppler Flow Imaging
Pulse Wave Doppler Imaging
Continuous Wave Doppler Imaging
Power Doppler Imaging / Directional Power Doppler Imaging
M Mode
Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Tissue Specific Imaging
Simult Mode (Triplex)
Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging
Spatial Compound Imaging
LGC (Lateral Gain Compensation)
Full Screen Zoom
Image Rotation
Real-time 2D Panoramic Imaging
Biopsy Guide
PW Auto Calculation
Auto NT
Auto IMT
Auto EF
TEI  Index

Optional Function and Configuration
The Fifth Active Transducer Connector (Must be Configured before Delivery)
ECG (Hardware / Cables: Must be Configured with ECG Software)
Built-in Battery
Built-in DVD (Must be Configured before Delivery)
ECG (Software: Must be Configured with ECG Hardware and Cables)
Color M Mode
Anatomic M Mode
Tissues Doppler Imaging
Trapezoidal Imaging
Real-time Color Panoramic Imaging
VIS-Needle (Needle Visualization Enhancement)
Freehand 3D Imaging
Static 3D / 4D
Auto Face (Must be Configured with 3D / 4D Module at the Same Time)
S-Live (S-Live / S-Live Silhouette)
AVC Follicle (Auto Volume Calculation)
Stress Echo
C-xlasto (Compression Elastography Imaging)
Contrast Imaging

Available Probes:
Convex probe
Linear probe
Phased array probe
Volume probe
TEE Probe
Biplane Probe


Applications:Abdomen,Cephalic,OB/Gynecology,Cardiology,Peripheral vascular,Small parts,Musculoskeletal,Transvaginal,Transrectal